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<img src=" style="max-width:400px;float:left;padding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Installing curtains is a good way to improve seclusion and also to enhance the decor of a home's. With literally 1000s of style material and colour variations to choose from, there are curtains to meet every taste.

Choose and record window measurements. Using a metal measuring tape, measure the height and width of every window that needs <a href="">curtains</a>. For accurate dimensions, measure height and width at middle, the top and bottom of each window. Attentively record measurements, making sure to accurately tag height and width, and round numbers to the nearest 1/8.

Pick a curtain style. Based on the decor and the function of the area by which you intend to hang drapes of your home's, you may pick an informal, semi-formal formal or style. Other popular designs include pleated or flat panels made from one piece of fabric, and swag top treatments that stretch down window frame sides.

Choose a cloth. Silk satin and jacquard have a look that is formal and complement conventional layouts notably well. Open weave or casement drapes tend to be more casual and have usually have texture that is more visible. Webs or sheers let in light, but supply seclusion and appear pleasant behind window treatments that are heavier or on their very own.

Decide whether you wish to buy liners. Drape linings are most suitable behind heavy drapes and in proper settings. Liners are also a great option in rooms where one wants more privacy, such as bedrooms. Curtains can be protected by good quality liners from from condensation or soil that comes from little openings in panes and window frames and fading due to sunlight exposure. Used a blackout lining install insulated liners or to prevent sunlight from entering an area to boost energy efficiency.

Purchase curtain accessories. You must purchase a stick for drape hanging but most other addons are optional. Finials, tie backs, trim, tassels and holdbacks are cosmetic things which can enhance the look and possibly the function of drapes.

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